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The foundations for the best possible education

Peques actively promotes the six key areas of development for children aged three to five years of age. With a great emphasis on learning through fun and play, the nursery has some outstanding activities and routines that children of all abilities follow enjoying and learning as well as laying the foundations for the best possible education. Below are some of the many wonderful activities that children participate in.

Creative Dance

Movement is one of the ways children are able to communicate and express themselves; ideas, feelings and emotions are just some of the concepts that children are encouraged to develop at Peques Nursery through dance. Movement is undoubtedly the best way of promoting a child’s ability. Our creative dance lessons, given by a dedicated professional in the field, are a powerful tool for growth and strengthening individuality.

Fun Computing

Contrary to popular belief young children are able to understand many of the simple IT concepts such as turning a computer on, shutting down and navigating the system with the mouse. Through the use of educational software in Spanish as well as in English children vastly improve their hand and eye coordination, develop a sense of responsibility, improve elemental areas of the curriculum and establish an invaluable skill for the future.

Mandarin Lessons

With the introduction of a third language we are giving the children a great opportunity to open up a new window in their lives. Through play and songs, children learn with our Qualified Mandarin Teacher.

French Lessons

These lessons are for children at Peques 3, East Grinstead

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