Latest News: Peques 3 East Grinstead is offering French, North End Road and Dawes Road in Fulham are offering Mandarin!
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Peques Now has Three Nurseries!

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All you will ever want to know about London’s leading nurseries. If your child is between the ages of 3 months and 3 years the birth to three section is where you can find out about the curriculum for smaller children, read more about the baby room or perhaps just what routine the smallest children follow, learn about the activities that preschoolers enjoy and their own foundation stage curriculum.

Offering quality education for the past 15 years

Latest News

Peques nurseries celebrated their 13th aniversary on the 09/09/2014 and will be looking forward to celebrating their 15 years of existence in 2015!

Pioneers in the teaching of three distinct languages to under 5’s

Find out how peques follows the Curriculum

In the parents section you will find all of the really useful information, a summary of our latest Ofsted report, a guide to the induction process and answers to the all the frequently asked questions about a bilingual education raises, with the opportunity to contact us and arrange a visit to come and see everything for yourself! Finally don’t forget to visit the fun section were you can see a gallery of the nursery in action, read some of our favourite nursery rhymes, see small video clips of some of the activities and the virtual tours of the premises are simply a must-see. We hope that you will enjoy reading about the wonderful experience that Peques Anglo-Spanish Nurseries offer.

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Watch clips of some of the many fun activities, it's almost like being there, take a look!